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The state of affairs is such that interns who apply for internships are in most of the cases not prepared for the task they would meet during their internship. Ultimately they are left to struggle during internship. But, how about a beforehand know-how of the arena of law you want to work in? Does it not sound good to be ahead of others or have an edge over others? Do not be surprised as we bring you the country’s most innovative test to set you apart from the rest during your internship. We are talking of General Law Internship Test (GLIT) - A comprehensive test designed as per contemporary standards and to be scrutinized by renowned professors of national repute and judges from distinct backgrounds. It is a test which shall get you riddance from hassles of applying for internship through your CVs. This test shall alone be the deciding factor for your internships.

It is a unique way of getting internships and weighing you potential at national level. The test involves a three stage process which is to examine your acumen for the particular field. It involves research paper test, Drafting Exercise and a MCQ Test. Owing to its specifications GLIT is an exhaustive exercise which is challenging in its spirit and path breaking in its nature. The Specifications have been discussed in detail below:

Marking Scheme

The Marking scheme for the different tasks under GLIT is as under:

Task Marks Total
• Knowledge and application of law
• Depth and Quality of research
• Articulate analysis and organization
• Citation and References


MCQ TEST 100 100


  • Students currently in 4th and 5th years of 5 year Integrated LLB course.
  • Students currently in 2nd and 3rd year of 3 year LLB Course


The construction of GLIT is such that it imposes no restriction upon the students as far as the order of the test is considered. The students taking up the GLIT may take the total of three tests in any order.


The syllabus for GLIT MCQ test shall be general as it will comprise of questions from Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Competition Law, Law Contracts, Law of Taxation, Intellectual Property Law, etc. The questions asked in the MCQ Test would be to test the basic knowledge of the student. As far as the drafting exercise and research paper are concerned they could be from any area of the law on any issue of past and contemporary relevance or any other issue of significance.

Rankings and Allotment

The ranking shall be prepared based on the merit wise evaluation of the tests taken under GLIT. The score sheet shall be updated on you portfolio and the ranking shall be subject to change. The score sheet shall be made available to various interested law firms, corporate houses, lawyers and it will be upon their discretion to take up a particular intern matching their requirements.


The GLIT Core committee shall comprise of professors from national law universities and retired judges of various high courts. This committee is responsible for framing of questions and also for the scrutiny of the answers. In addition, the standards of the questions shall be as per the directions of the recruiters.


The review of different tests taken by students shall be done by our esteemed panel of reviewers which shall comprise of members from bar, bench and academia. All the three tasks under the GLIT are distinct from each other and their review shall be done as per the requirements of the tasks. In other words, research paper shall be to analyze the student’s knowledge of law, its application quality of research and articulation whereas MCQ test would test their basic knowledge of law. The Drafting exercise shall be to examine student’s drafting skills. The criteria for evaluation shall be as per the requirements predetermined by our panel of reviewers.



This test comprising of three specific task is uniquely designed to make an overall assessment of you knowledge, potential, skills, strengths and weaknesses. GLIT has been structured in such a manner that it encompasses almost all aspects of legal knowledge and its application. It is in fact a wholesome test to evaluate your potential at national level.


Providing you with suitable internships is at the heart of GLIT. It has been designed in such a manner that it serves you otherwise too i.e. in the form of other advantages as mentioned above. Inter alia It has been brought into existence to do away with the customary practice of applying through resumes. The customary practice is hectic and tiresome as it requires consistent effort and is time-taking. In addition it never assures you of any confirmation. But, through our revolutionary effort just by taking up GLIT you would be placed to intern at a suitable place without any hassles which otherwise is almost inevitable.


In addition to internships, GLIT entitles you with a chance to get your potential scrutinized by eminent legal personalities which no other platform would provide. Taking up GLIT entitles you to appear in the tests which are designed and scrutinized as per prevalent standards by eminent legal personalities. Also, your score in GLIT is not only reflective of your talent, skill and potential but it shall also be reflective of applause.


Once you have taken up GLIT a personal portfolio is prepared on the basis of merit which is elaborative of your score and other additional highlights. This portfolio is prepared and maintained for your access and is made accessible to recruiters to assist them in finding out a potential recruit.

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