General Law Internship Test

General Law Internship Test

"Law is actually learnt by practicing and applying, not what is taught in the classrooms”.

There is not even an iota of doubt in the veracity of this statement and therefore we at JRTC are trying to bridge this widening gap between knowledge, practical information as to what is taught and what needs to be learnt. This is something that can be only mastered through practical training i.e. internships that guarantees work experience in a real time work environment. But the problem that has been frequently witnessed is that of finding those internships.

With a plethora of skilled law students with less of quality internships the students find themselves under tremendous stress of finding a suitable internship. We have come up with the concept of General Law Internship Test (GLIT) through which every law student has an opportunity to showcase his skills at national level and prove his mettle.

General Law Internship Test (GLIT) is conducted for the convenience of the students seeking internship in various top law firms in the country. A Trio of (Research Question, MCQ and Drafting) is conducted to provide a list of candidates on the basis of ‘merit-cum- preference’ to law firms and law luminaries of the country for internships.


  • Merit based Internship Opportunity
  • Unique Profile
  • Article & Draft Review


  • 4th & 5th year of 5 year LLB course.
  • 2nd & 3rd year of 3 year LLB course.

Internship Areas

  • Top law firms of the country
  • Supreme court lawyers
  • Corporate houses
  • Government Organizations


40 Days



Additional Services

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

  • Discover what area of law is most suited for you
  • Discuss your existing career choices and how to maximize your opportunities
  • If you already know what to pursue and what job you want, discuss the strategy as to how you can get there
  • You can ask all your questions about your career during the call
  • You can get the counselor to give you quick feedback on your CV and hiring potential
  • Figure out what you need to add to your CV to great a dream job
  • You can work on creating a dream CV during the call (highly recommended)
  • Just remember that the call will have to end at 30 minutes strictly

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(GLIT + Career Counselling)

  • Benefits of GLIT
  • Dedicated mentor
  • Counselling expert
  • 7 days support
  • 3-4 unlimited duration counselling call

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(GLIT + Research Assistance)

  • Benefits of GLIT
  • Dedicated mentor
  • Subject expert
  • Global standards
  • 30 days support
  • Publication support

1898   |    1599


(GLIT + Research Assistance + Career Counselling)

  • Benefits of GLIT
  • Dedicated mentor
  • Subject expert
  • Counselling expert
  • 30 days research support
  • 7 days counselling support
  • 3-4 unlimited counselling calls
  • Publication support
  • Global standards

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