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About us

Information and experience are the hallmarks of the field of law. We at JRTC provide a platform that brings together, both students as well as firms, for the creation and exchange of information and experience. The JRTC platform allows students to showcase their skills so as to attain opportunities to improve themselves. This is the one-stop destination for a student to find internships that matter. For law firms, this is the one-stop destination to find the perfect interns, suited to their requirement. The firms may benefit through this pool of highly skilled interns with zero hassle.

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The reason as to the establishment of JRTC was to create a single platform wherein the students as well as the firms can have a single source of information and both the parties will not have to worry about internships, since it is an established fact that how much stress a law aspirant has to bear when it comes to finding a good internship. Similarly the law firms also have to scratch their heads and incur a lot of resources when they look for good interns.

JRTC intends to create a win-win scenario for both the students as well as firms. The students will get good internships by showcasing their skills at national level. This will ease up the stress on students when they venture on to find a suitable internship. This will not only benefit the students but also the firms since they will get good interns without any fuss or incurring single rupee.

This initiative will have long term benefit since the students will be getting good internships on the basis of their skills. Thus India will have a better breed of lawyers, thus strengthening our legal system.

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Reviewers Panel

Advisory Board

The reviewer's panel at JRTC comprises of experts and luminaries from the field. On the advisory panel, we have retired members of various Courts of the Indian judiciary, advocates with incomparable experience and partners from top law firms.

SH. Viney Mittal J. (Retd.)


Retd. Judge, High Court of Punjab and Haryana,

Member, Water Dispute Tribunal,

Member, Arbitration Panel,

36+ Years Experience,

Civil Laws

SH. J M Malik J. (Retd.)


Retd. Judge, High Court of Delhi,

Chairman, Debt Recovery Tribunal,

Member, Arbitration Panel,

Criminal Laws

Sh. V K Maheshwari

Former Judge, District Courts of Dehradun.

Founder, Ujjala Judicial Academy,


Mr. Bhumesh Verma

Founder & Managing Partner,

Corp Comm Legal,

New Delhi.

Dr. Sheetal Vohra

Founder & Managing


Vohra & Vohra,


Adv. Avnish Mittal

Chief Advisor, High Court of Punjab and Haryana,


Adv. Lalit Mittal

Law officer,

State Commission for protection of Child Rights,


Prof. (Retd.) D M Malik

Former Professor,

Lloyd Law College, Noida.

Guest Lecturer,

Amity Law School, Noida

Ms. Manvi Rajvanshy

Co-founder & COO,

Juris Law Offices,

New Delhi.

Mr. Neeraj Dubey

Joint Partner,

Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan,


Mr. Ajar Rab


Rab & Rab Associates,


Active Members

Active members at JRTC are prominent judicial figures from the High Courts at Uttarakhand, Delhi, Punjab & Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and more states from around the country.

Justice Rajesh Tandon

Former Judge
High Court of Uttarakhand.

Justice Manju Goel

Former Judge
High Court of Delhi.

Justice Amarnath Jindal

Former Judge
High Court of Haryana & Punjab.

Justice Nitish Kumar Mody

Former Judge
High Court of Madhya Pradesh.

Justice Bhupinder Kumar

Former Judge
High Court of Allahabad.

Justice R C Chopra

Former Judge
High Court of Delhi.

Justice Vinod Kumar

Former Judge
High Court of Madras.

Justice S M Soni

Former Judge
High Court of Gujrat.

Justice Zakki Ullah Khan

Former Judge
High Court of Allahabad.

Justice E Padmanabhan

Former Judge
High Court of Madras.

Justice K C Sood

Former Judge
High Court of Himachal Pradesh.

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Team Members

At JRTC, ours is a team dedicated to the growth and development of law students and to help the recruiters and firms work with the best students. Get to know our team better here!




Managing Director & CEO

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Let me introduce the new JRTC’s General Law Internship Test (GLIT) Platform. GLIT endeavors to transform legal education in India and explore genuine excellence on the scale that is unmatched anywhere. This establishes the uniqueness of this platform as no such organization has done to shape law in the country. Exceptionally talented people of different background from all over the country have come up and joined their hands to achieve the mission of this organization.

Naman Kumar

Naman Kumar


General Manager

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to welcome you to JRTC- General Law Internship Test (GLIT) webpage. Together with the healthy support of retd. Judges and partners of well established law firms comes a great honor of belonging to one of the leading consultancy service and platform to the law industry. We hold that honor and are happy to work and invest for the benefits of the existing and upcoming generations of law industry.


Parikshit Chandgothia

Parikshit Chandgothia

Managing Director


Registered Address:

JRTC Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
288, Mandi Mani Ram, Gharaunda - 132 114 (Karnal) Haryana, India
C.O. M/s Telu Ram Ram Chander, 145, New Grain Market, Gharaunda - 132 114 (Karnal) Haryana, India

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