GLIT - General Law Internship Test

As law students, the most important way to gain practical experience is through internships. However, a lot of students struggle to find the right opportunities. Enter, the General Law Internship Test (GLIT).

The General Law Internship Test (GLIT) is a comprehensive test that assesses the students for their aptitude and suitability for a legal internship. Designed and scrutinized by legal practitioners and experts, this test is a unique way for students to understand their potential and skill in the field at a national level. This MCQ test is every law student’s ticket to getting the perfect internship suited for them.

Combination of the General Law Internship Test and your CV is the most unique and effective way to weigh your potential at a national level.

GLIT - Procedure

The General Law Internship Test, does not follow a strict syllabus, per se. Rather, it is a comprehensive test that assess students on a variety of legal topics that they will be expected to know working as a professional. Some topics that feature in the GLIT are constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Competition Law, Law Contracts, Law of Taxation, Intellectual Property Law, etc. Students are advised to keep in mind that legal topics that remain consistent all over the nation will be featured. Hence, laws of local relevance will not be asked.


For students pursuing the 5 year integrated law course, those in their 3rd, 4th and 5th year are eligible to sit for and make use of the General Law Internship Test. Similarly, for students pursuing the 3 year law course, those in their 2nd and 3rd year are eligible for the GLIT.